Delta + Amazon = Free In-Flight Shopping and Zero Productivity

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Great, now I’m going to come off my next Delta flight both behind on work AND broke. Luckily I won’t pay for shipping thanks to my Amazon Prime Account. Delta and Gogo Wireless will now offer free access to Amazon Shopping while in the air. From the press release: ATLANTA, March 5, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Delta Air Lines (NYSE: DAL) today announced the addition of free access to shop and onboard all Delta and Delta Connection flights with in-flight Wi-Fi service. “Delta continues to offer new technology and innovation that delivers on our customer preferences while they travel with us,” said Bob Kupbens, Delta’s vice president – Marketing and Digital Commerce. “Our customers enjoy our free content options in-flight and free access to Amazon provides a convenient way to shop online at 30,000 feet for things they want on the ground.” To access Amazon while in-flight, customers open their internet browser, access the Delta Connect Wi-Fi portal and click on one of the Amazon banners to begin shopping. Delta Connect also provides free access to real-time travel information, news content from The Wall Street Journal and People magazine, exclusive shopping deals and entertainment options by Delta and its on-board wireless provider Gogo. Delta teams up with Amazon to give you free WiFi access for in-flight shopping — Engadget.

Jeffrey DonenfeldDelta + Amazon = Free In-Flight Shopping and Zero Productivity

Statistics: How Target Figured Out A Teen Girl Was Pregnant Before Her Father Did

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Great article about the power of shopper data and statistics for creepily optimizing shopping experiences. This is by I always use the universal club card number (local area code) 867-5309. Try it – there’s almost always a frequent shopper card registered with that number, so you can still get discounts without letting them track your personal buying habits – at least through a club card. From NYT: [Pole] ran test after test, analyzing the data, and before long some useful patterns emerged. Lotions, for example. Lots of people buy lotion, but one of Pole’s colleagues noticed that women on the baby registry were buying larger quantities of unscented lotion around the beginning of their second trimester. Another analyst noted that sometime in the first 20 weeks, pregnant women loaded up on supplements like calcium, magnesium and zinc. Many shoppers purchase soap and cotton balls, but when someone suddenly starts buying lots of scent-free soap and extra-big bags of cotton balls, in addition to hand sanitizers and washcloths, it signals they could be getting close to their delivery date. Forbes:How Target Figured Out A Teen Girl Was Pregnant Before Her Father Did New York Times: How Companies Learn Your Secrets

Jeffrey DonenfeldStatistics: How Target Figured Out A Teen Girl Was Pregnant Before Her Father Did
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Explainer: Mom This is How Twitter Works

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Hah, this is great. Next time your luddite mother asks your in confusion what all this “twittering” is about, just send her over to this site. Jessica Hische lays it out nice and clear. Jessica’s Conclusion: Twitter is awesome, but while it seems like a relatively simple service, it is quite nuanced. I hope this site helped you or someone you know get acquainted with twitter so that you can stop writing your tweets incorrectly, accidentally airing your dirty laundry to the internet at large. I am not an employee of twitter, just an avid (understatement) user of the service that wanted to lend a hand to twitter n00bs. This site is not a comprehensive guide as twitter is always adding new subtle features to make their service more useful and user-friendly, but this should demystify most of the basics. You can always visit to find out more. Mom This is How Twitter Works.

Jeffrey DonenfeldExplainer: Mom This is How Twitter Works