Muji’s Ambient Background Music

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Every time I shop in the Muji down the street from my office, I notice their soothing, hip, and perfectly fitting background music. Sometimes it’s ambient dreamscapes, sometimes pop, sometimes acoustic, but always nice. Today Boing Boing posts a piece about Muji’s BGM ambient background music. Soothing… Makes me remember back to the Buddha Machine, and miss hearing tracks from Brian Eno’s “Hello Waveforms” while out and about. More details on the now defunct “Things You Should Download” blog.

Fueled’s New Home is 568 Broadway

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Pando Daily has gotten wind my company Fueled’s impending move, and we’re as excited as they are. This week we’re still at General Assembly, but next week we’ll be in our shiny new office at 568 Broadway, right along side Foursquare, and a number of others. Excited! Next month, the building will become home to several more tech companies. Fueled, a mobile app development company with 45 employees, moves in. As will Indaba Music, a social network for musicians, 20×200, an ecommerce site for art collectors, and, I’m told, Bitly, the URL shortening company backed by betaworks. The building is home to some of New York’s fastest growing startups. via 568 Broadway Now Home to 10 Hot Startups | PandoDaily. More on my role at Fueled.

Notes: NY Tech Meetup April 2012

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Tonight was the April edition of New York Tech Meetup, hosted by friend Nate Westheimer. A few notes from the presentations. Also, if you couldn’t make it to the Skirball Center down at NYU, there are simulcasts right now: Simulcast of “April” NYTM at New Work City Simulcast of “April” NYTM at General Assembly The Birdy Make better decisions with your money SImple personal finance tracker – delivers to users via email, providing already-there platform. “Manage your spending with one 30 second email per day” Reply to email with typed out list of daily expenses, all expenses are inputted into your Birdy leger JD – What about financial institution API Integration? Woudn’t that be easier? Answer: Yes, financial institution integration works, but only for reliable electronic transactions. In many places, transactions are cash based. Company is currently working on mobile apps and text messaging integration Reserve My City Seamless Restaurant Reservations Through Foursquare” Restaurant reservations through Foursquare Sync foursquare account to Reserve My City When a user bookmarks a place in Foursquare, the Reserve My City backend pickus on the user activity, and immediately emails the user with a link to make reservations at the restaurant immediately. iOS App allows on the go reservations Spotless City Never drop off your clothes again Find your neighborhood dry cleaner and schedule a pickup and delivery online. Individual cleaners delivery/pickup range, services, prices list clearly aggrigated by the site, and pickup is scheduled on the site, with payment integration. Same exact pricing as if you dropped it off by yourself. – Edge over TaskRabbit Songza Expertly curated streaming playlists Great background music to make you look really cool for your parties. Helps find great music quickly and easily Pick from a list of playlists all made my music experts – expertly curated playlists …

Ark People Search in Beta – People Search Meets Social Network Ubiquity

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Today TechCrunch reported on Ark People Search, which recently got funding through yCombinator. Combining multiple social networks and online datasources, Ark lets you search for anyone who has a presence on the internet – both via publicaly accessible data as well as private social network you have access too. And there’s really no better time for this. Hot on the heels of network-bridging social location mobile apps Banjo, Sonar, and Highlight launching, Ark is the desktop equivelent. Desktop users, not being use cases for hypermobile powered searches, can narrow down people search via a multitude of technical criteria. The next iteration of this, as I see it, is combining multi-network customized technical search with usercentric geofenced real time search to produce push notification when that one person who meets all of your search criteria is right down the block from ya. Wow. Find Everyone You Can’t Google Or Facebook With YC’s Ark People Search | TechCrunch.

Alexandre Buisse Shoots the Patagonian Expedition Race

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Photography consultant Jaime Livingood send me over to this excellent photo essay by photographer Alexandre Buisse. The essay details his time photographing the annnual Patagonian Expedition Race. A great story, with great photos.. a model for my own work. Because the course is over 500km, often without roads, and because this year there was no helicopter, it was very difficult to stay ahead of the teams. This lead to the biggest challenge of all: managing to run several of the stages along with the racers. In my case, it meant covering about 100 km of bushwacking and bog swamps in 32 hours, all with my survival and camera equipment. Patagonia Expedition | Wonderful Machine Photography Blog.

Twitter Patents: Pull To Refresh?!

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Twitter has a patent on the smartphone staple interaction, pull to refresh. How can this be? Input associated with a scroll command may be received. Then, based on the scroll command, a scrollable refresh trigger may be displayed. Subsequently, the scrollable list of content items may be refreshed in response to determining, based on the scroll command, that the scrollable refresh trigger has been activated. In at least one instance, it may be determined that the scrollable refresh trigger has been activated in response to determining that the scroll command was completed while the scrollable refresh trigger was fully displayed. The pull-to-refresh patent by Dustin Curtis.

Map: FatBikeRafting the Arctic

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Here’s another dream expedition, and cool map to go with it. Adventurer Andrew Badenoch of 77Zero is gearing up for an amazing arctic adventure: In the late March 2012, I’ll set my path north toward the Arctic Ocean on foot, fatbike, and packraft. From there I’ll loop back through Alaska to the Pacific Ocean and down the coast, completing the loop in Bellingham, Washington. The estimated duration of the expedition is 6-8 months, but may vary significantly due to ice, ocean, and ground conditions throughout. Here’s his reasoning behind it: The goal of this trek is to demonstrate the feasibility of human and nature powered transport through wilderness while maintaining the capabilities of modern connectivity. This isn’t limited to awareness, but aims to demonstrate the use of current technologies in extreme environments with the intent to make these technologies more approachable by example so others will reconnect with wildness and nature. Sounds good to me. I’ll certainly be following him via this map: Map: FatBikeRafting the Arctic 2012 | 77Zero.