Notes: NY Tech Meetup April 2012

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Tonight was the April edition of New York Tech Meetup, hosted by friend Nate Westheimer. A few notes from the presentations. Also, if you couldn’t make it to the Skirball Center down at NYU, there are simulcasts right now: Simulcast of “April” NYTM at New Work City Simulcast of “April” NYTM at General Assembly The Birdy Make better decisions with your money SImple personal finance tracker – delivers to users via email, providing already-there platform. “Manage your spending with one 30 second email per day” Reply to email with typed out list of daily expenses, all expenses are inputted into your Birdy leger JD – What about financial institution API Integration? Woudn’t that be easier? Answer: Yes, financial institution integration works, but only for reliable electronic transactions. In many places, transactions are cash based. Company is currently working on mobile apps and text messaging integration Reserve My City Seamless Restaurant Reservations Through Foursquare” Restaurant reservations through Foursquare Sync foursquare account to Reserve My City When a user bookmarks a place in Foursquare, the Reserve My City backend pickus on the user activity, and immediately emails the user with a link to make reservations at the restaurant immediately. iOS App allows on the go reservations Spotless City Never drop off your clothes again Find your neighborhood dry cleaner and schedule a pickup and delivery online. Individual cleaners delivery/pickup range, services, prices list clearly aggrigated by the site, and pickup is scheduled on the site, with payment integration. Same exact pricing as if you dropped it off by yourself. – Edge over TaskRabbit Songza Expertly curated streaming playlists Great background music to make you look really cool for your parties. Helps find great music quickly and easily Pick from a list of playlists all made my music experts – expertly curated playlists …

Jeffrey DonenfeldNotes: NY Tech Meetup April 2012