The Antarctic Race Around The World – Course Rules and Map

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Every year, the crew of the south pole station races around the word. And it only takes a few minutes. Virtually any mode of transportation is allowed, however most people run, or snowmobile. Although you could technically walk around the world in a few short steps right at the pole, this year the course is a bit longer – it’s about 1.75 miles, and covers most of the major sights here at the pole.


A few details on the race, courtesy of South Pole Facilities Engineer Andres Martinez:

  • The Race it will start promptly at 10:00am on Monday morning, December 24th.
  • The pedestrian course is 1.75 miles in length.
  • Pedestrians; running, walking or skiing will begin the Race at the Geographical Pole (see map).
  • All motorized vehicles will be staged at the NGO apron (see map).
  • Runners that want to be timed will start first, all others will follow.
  • All pedestrians are to stay on the left path (inside lane) and all vehicles are to stay on the far right path (outside lane).
  • Vehicle drivers must practice all safety rules (i.e. must wear a helmet if on a snowmobile).
  • Vehicles must go around the BIF and CRYO buildings and not between the Garage and VFM (see map).
  • Vehicles must stay on groomed roads.
  • Runners that want to their time recorded; there is a sign up sheet in the Galley near the Dish Pit.
  • Pedestrians, please use the pedestrian bridge to cross over the fuel line.
  • Pedestrians please do not run, walk or ski over the fuel line.
  • Costumes are optional.
  • All participants will receive a water bottle and can collect them in the Galley after the race, only one per person please.

Photos from the race will be coming soon…

Jeffrey DonenfeldThe Antarctic Race Around The World – Course Rules and Map

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