2012-12-02 Post Office - IMG_1897-2000-90

The World’s Southernmost Post Office

Here at the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station, we do indeed send and receive mail. And to handle all of the mail, we have our very own, albeit tiny, US Post Office. The post office is housed within the general store/gift show, shipping department, and DVD rental room. At the main desk, stamps are bought, and just outside there’s a small maildrop window. In addition to the standard south pole postage cancellation stamp, we also have a large collection of other commemorative and interesting stamps. Photos

Although our post office is open almost every day, actual mail service is very intermittent, and depends heavily on the availability of room on the LC-130 Hercules transport flights. Mail is usually given lower priority for transport, so if there’s other supply or science cargo, that goes first. So far we’ve received two shipments of mail.

If you’re interested in sending me mail here at the South Pole, my mailing address is:

Jeffrey Donenfeld, GSC
South Pole Station
PSC 468 Box 400
APO AP 96598

More details on sending me mail, and getting your own post card from the south pole. 

Entrance to the post office. You can see our mail boxes, sorted alphabetically by last name, on the left. Maildrop slot on the right, as well as all of our stamps, including the south pole passport stamp.

Stamping mail – we have both official stamps, as well as fun stamps – penguins, “the pole”, etc.

Hand-canceling postage. Michael on the right officially runs the post office and store, however everyone chips at some point to help stamp and sort.

Blaise brought his own photo printer, so he can send personalized postcards. Great idea!