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Running the Tokyo Marathon

My first stop in Japan was Tokyo, to run the 2015 Tokyo Marathon. Miho and I had originally entered the marathon registration lottery months before, however unfortunately, only I won an entry. I still had a good run without her – although not nearly as much fun or motivation to kick ass! Running through the …

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Running the South Pole Marathon

After about a month and a half of training, I finally got my chance to run the 26.2 mile South Pole Marathon. Although the main group of runners ran it on new years day, and on a non-traditional course, I unfortunatly was on the kitchen work schedule that day, and so had to wait a …

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Faster and Faster at the Olympics

The NY Times recently posted this excellent explainer feature documenting how Olympic sports have gotten faster and faster over the years. The piece focuses on the Men’s 100-Meter Sprint, but covers other important events, like the 100 meter freestyle swim, and long jump. From NY Times: Based on the athletes’ average speeds, if every Olympic …

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