Running the South Pole Marathon

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After about a month and a half of training, I finally got my chance to run the 26.2 mile South Pole Marathon. Although the main group of runners ran it on new years day, and on a non-traditional course, I unfortunatly was on the kitchen work schedule that day, and so had to wait a few days to run. I ran on Sunday, January 6, 2013, and ran the traditional 5 laps on the south pole skiway. For some background, see a quick video of my training. Overall, the run felt great. I got up at 04:00 on Sunday morning, put on my running gear, grabbed a thermos of hot apple cider from the galley, grabbed a radio from Comms, and went out to the Pax Terminal next to the skiway. Since I was running unsupported, I used the heated Pax Terminal as my warming and support hut, and left all of my food and gear in there while I ran. Running felt great, and I completed the 26.2 miles in 05:41:50 – certainly not a PR, but a time I’m very happy with considering I was running in -15 degree F air, on snow, in the middle of the highest, windiest, coldest, and driest desert in the world. If you’re wondering, here’s what I wore to run: Salomon XA Pro 3D Ultra2 GTX Trail Runners Smartwool Expedition Weight Socks Icebreaker 3/4 length 200 Bodyfit long underwear bottoms Marmot Goretex Paclite shell pants Ibex 17.5 T-shirt Arc’Teryx Atom LT Jacket OR Versaliners Gloves Burton Full Gauntlet Goves Icebreaker beanie Peru Alpaca Had Smith Goggles Generic fleece neck gaiter Here’s the GPS track of my run: Thanks to Blaise for coming out to the skiway at the crack of dawn to take pics of me running!

How To Prepare For The Gran Fondo NY 100 Mile Bike Race

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This past year Chris and I did the 110 Mile Gran Fondo Bike Race – my full race report is here: Biking the 110 Mile Gran Fondo NY. Recently a reader asked me for some tips in preparing for the event, so hre are a few tips and thoughts on it… Overall, I didn’t do a ton of specific training for the gran fondo. I joined NYCC and did a 30-50 mile ride with them for the 6 weeks preceeding that ride, and then just did it. Just spending a lot of time on your bike is the key I think – get to know how it all feels, how your gear works, how your body deals, and you’ll be fine. On eating – start testing out your food routine on warm up rides in the weeks prior, and then stick to that on the ride. I ate a bagel for breakfast with a bunch of coffee, and then did luna bars and other carbs and fruit they had for us at each rest stop. I specifically did not do any of the gummy bears or energy gels – for a 100 mile ride, you want to go for endurance, not the quick burn of a gel. Gear – definitely get to know your gear, but don’t take a long too much. A basic repair kit is good, and enough water to get you to the next stop, but nothing too extreme. I paired down all of my gear to what I could carry in my jersey – no saddle bag or anything strapped to my bike. Repair kit in left pocket, fits in small freezer ziploc bag – tube, patch, CO2 x2, multitool, levers. Dailys in center pocket, fits in small freezer ziploc bag – iPhone, credit card, ID, cash, health insurance …

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Faster and Faster at the Olympics

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The NY Times recently posted this excellent explainer feature documenting how Olympic sports have gotten faster and faster over the years. The piece focuses on the Men’s 100-Meter Sprint, but covers other important events, like the 100 meter freestyle swim, and long jump. From NY Times: Based on the athletes’ average speeds, if every Olympic medalist raced each other, Usain Bolt (the London version) would win, with a wide distribution of Olympians behind him. Below, where each sprinter would be when Bolt finishes his race. Amazingly, todays 8 year old kids are running as fast as some of the first Olympians. Chalk it up to training, nutrition, or gear – it’s still amazing, and a definite sign of the times. Video below, and click through for the full interactive spread. One Race, Every Medalist Ever – Interactive Graphic – NYTimes.com.

Competing in the HITS Hunter Mountain Olympic Triathlon

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This weekend I went up to Hunter Mountain with friends Rachel and Jay to compete in the HITS Hunter Mountain Triathlon. Jay and I did the olympic length tri, and Rachel did the sprint length. A bit of media during the weekend: Results (PDF): Hunter Mountain Overall Olympic Results June 9, 2012 Place 54 Bib # 1836 Name Jeffrey Donenfeld Swim ’00:32:03.718 Swim Rank 55 T1 ’00:04:34.535 Bike ’01:29:49.295 Bike Rank 56 T2 ’00:03:52.133 Run ’00:51:52.998 Time Elapsed ’03:02:12.679 Age 30 Gender M Timings from my Garmin Forerunner 310xt Photos… Jay with our bikes loaded, ready to drive up to Hunter Mountain.. Finish line, night before Numbers on our heads for the swim the next morning My triathlon gear, laid out and ready to go for tomorrow morning Pre-race briefing and dinner in the park Waking up at the crack of dawn to paste our race number temporary tattoos Jay gets his transition setup! Ready to rock! Rachel did the sprint length, Jay and I did the olympic length, so Rachel started before me and Jay. Walking Rachel to the start Finishing times!

Running the AHA Wall Street Run 3 Mile

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Last week I took a quick sprint through the NYRR AHA Wall Street Run 3 Mile. This was the shortest race I’ve ever done, and it was actually great. I started in the 2nd row of people on the starting line, so could get up to speed quickly and didn’t have to fight through the masses. Running at an almost full sprint felt good, and finishing on the west side pathway at the North Cove was perfect – I run that pathway in the mornings, so I know it quite well. Met up with Rob and his friend at the end.. and had my “BMI” measured at one of the booths. Results American Heart Association Wall Street Run Distance: 3 miles, 4.8 kilometers Date/Time: May 31, 2012, 7:00 PM Location: Downtown Manhattan, NYC Weather: 76 degrees, 37% humidity, wind 6 mph. Sponsor: American Heart Association Last Name Donenfeld First Name Jeffrey Sex/Age 30M Bib 4106 Overall Place 135 Gender Place 126 Age Place 31 Net Time 0:19:05 Pace/ Mile 06:22 AG Time 0:19:03 AG Gender Place 214 AG % 63.92 % Measurements, courtesy of MetroActive Fitness BODY FAT % 14.49 LBS OF BODY FAT: 22.61 LEAN BODY WEIGHT: 133.39 BODY FAT CHART READING: FITNESS