Implements HTML Links in Embed Code

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LVMH’s fashion and lifestyle blog Nowness, which I’ve been working with for quite some time, recently made a major step forward with their video implementation. Now, when users click the “share” button on any Nowness post page, they’ll get optimized video embed code which includes both the flash object embed code, as well as two easily accessible HTML links. These links will give users on mobile phones, and other devices direct access to the Nowness post page, as well as the ability to view the embedded video. Great going Nowness! Example: Devendra Banhart’s Love-In on

Using Microformats and RDFa with eCommerce

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This was originally written in response to a question from my team at Morpheus Media. Lately we’ve been discussing on our team the use of Microformats and RDFa. There’s recently been a significant rise in industry attention to these emerging formats – earlier this year Google released its Webmasters Rich Snippets Testing Tool.

Google favors mobile optimized sites in their mobile search results

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Recently, a client asked me about Google Mobile Search Results, and how the algorithm works to prioritize results aimed specifically at mobile users. In general, I believe that Google favors mobile optimized sites in their mobile search results. There are a number of usability features, such as location base services, screen real estate, and touch gestures that greatly enhance the functionality of Mobile sites. Google seems to be optimizing its mobile search results to deliver sites that deliver enhanced mobile functionality to the user. For your reference, below are a few resources regarding Google’s treatment of mobile optimized sites. Resources: Why Mobile Searchers Need Mobile-Optimized Sites from Search Engine Land Excerpt: “Mobility is a ranking factor for mobile search, and not optimizing a mobile site could make it more difficult to appear in competitive nonbranded searches where mobility is a factor. Likewise, having an optimized mobile site could make it easier to appear for competitive nonbranded keywords where mobility is a factor.” “As mobile search evolves and mobile ranking factors become more prevalent, brands that don’t optimize a mobile site today will be busy playing catch up tomorrow, building mobile links and paying attention to mobile ranking factors to their site. Search engines look at age of links and age of site when it comes to ranking because such factors are hard to manipulate. Success in mobile SEO will be difficult if postponed until absolutely necessary.” Official W3C Mobile Web Best Practices 1.0 Mobile Usability from UseIt Transcript of Scott Huffman Presentation on Mobile Search at Google Searchology 2009

LVMH’s Is Ranked #1 of 7 Stellar Examples of Branded Content from the Fashion Industry on Mashable

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This week, Macala Wright Lee of popular industry blog ranked LVMH’s Fashion and Art Culture Site site in the top position in their 2010 wrapup of the 7 Stellar Examples of Branded Content from the Fashion Industry. It’s been great working with NOWNESS over the last few months on their SEO and interactive strategy, and very nice seeing them on this list. They consistently have compelling, original content, and as the article states, have always been setting the standard for fashion and art culture.

KGB Launches

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KGB, one of my clients whom I work with at Morpheus Media was recently written up in Media Post. They just launched their new site, which we worked with them to develop and optimize for accessability and SEO.  Threre’s  a fair amount of buzz being generated around it – Check out the new KGB website, KGB ad campaign, and KGB writeup in MediaPost.

Launching Two New Sites: Panasonic Get Your Groom On and Trading Direct

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Two of the websites I’ve been working with developers on for the past few weeks just launched this week – thought I’d post a little blurb about each… The Panasonic Get Your Groom On site is a microsite to promote Panasonic’s new line of razors. I worked with Panasonic directly, as well as their developers to put together search engine friendly, user accessible, semantically relevant code and content. Some of the key features we included in this site, to accomplish our accessability and SEO goals was the usage of SWF Object under the flash on the technology page to ensure that search engines could index the content, as well as a well developed header tagging structure and URL structure. We also included both HTML and XML sitemaps, and build custom Meta Title Tags and Meta Descriptions for each page. The new Trading Direct site also launched this week. Working with Jeff Couturier of 10Volt Media, we conceptualized, developed, and deployed this site from the ground up. It was a complete site build, including integration with a tightly controlled user login and account backend, usage of real-time stock information, a sliding scale percentage rate calculator, and a custom-built content management system (CMS). In building the site, in addition to ensuring that it was user friendly and supported the USP and general market facing feel the client was going for, we also were sure to make all content semantically relevant, accessable and indexable. It’s built with PHP generating W3C valid XHTML, and styled with W3C valid CSS. This allows us maximum design flexibility, while also allowing us to organize and present site content in the clearest, most accessible and extensable manner. Since the site is a stock trading site, we also had to take into consideration building in layers of enhanced, multiple-tier …

Writing about Google Analytics and Flash on the Morpheus Media Mlog

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I recently wrote a short blog post for Morpheus Media’s MLOG blog, outlining the ins and outs of Google’s recent announcement that they were expanding the Google Analytics tracking capabilities into Adobe Flash. Now, website owners can not only track visitor metrics on html pages, but also within embedded flash objects, including user engagement statistics such as interaction and length. This announcement follows Google’s recent announcement that they would be ramping up their search indexing of flash, to allow users to find flash websites in Google search results. In short, I think that Analytics Tracking, combined with searchability will lead to an increased value in flash sites, both for semantic relevancy on the web, as well as for increased commercial value and opportunities for monitization. Please check out the full post on the Morpheus Media MLOG, titled “Google Analytics Comes To Adobe Flash“