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USCGC Polar Start at McMurdo Seaport

Ship Operations at the World’s Southernmost Seaport

McMurdo Station, Antarctic survives on the food, supplies, and fuel brought in via the air and sea. By far the most cargo comes in every year by sea, and McMurdo’s Seaport is the southernmost in the world. The port operates with an Ice Pier, and handles a variety of ships. Here’s a few timelapse videos …

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Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 9.29.27 PM-2015-01-14 WACPSI-Donenfeld-1920-WM


During a down moment at WAIS, I built and aereal vehicle for my GoPro, with the hopes of getting aerial video of field camp. The WAIS Aerial Camp Photographic Survey Instrument (WACPSI) was made out of foam. Some of its design features: Lightweight, protective, and insulating foam body. Integrated aero-wedge¬†frontal shock-absorbing nosecone. Vertical stabilizer with …

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The crater left behind.

Making a Crater in Antarctica

In order to dispose of a few pounds of PETN explosives at WAIS Divide Field Camp, the decision was made to simple blow them up under the snow. The alternative was to go through the certification process for transporting by air back to McMurdo, which would have been a bit overkill, given the small amount …

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