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Google’s Influence on Photography – Street View and Beyond

Following up on yesterday’s post on Google Street View in the Grand Canyon, here’s a great article from LightBox. It goes over the incredible impact of Google’s Street View experiement, and what it’s done for mapping and photography. From the article: In the catalogue to the show Exposed: Voyeurism, Surveillance, and the Camera since 1870, …

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Google Street View in the Grand Canyon: Google Trekker

Introducing Google Trekker in the Grand Canyon – what a great use of Google’s street view tech: Today, demonstrating the rocky and rugged paths we’ll travel to make Google Maps even more complete, we’re collecting imagery from a place no car, trike or snowmobile has ever been before. On its first official outing, the Street …

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Automated Scrolling with The Story of Send from Google

By far the coolest example of automated scrolling and parallax in HTML by our friends at Google. Here’s their explanation of the site, but the real magic for me comes in how they implemented the concept in code. We’re answering those questions with Story of Send, a new site that gives you a behind-the-scenes look …

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Google’s New Nav Bar Being Rolled Out

Loading up Google this morning, I was given a brand new shiny navigation bar. The new bar is much more polished than before, and offers enhanced integration with my Google profile. Apparently they’ve been testing this for quite some time now, and are slowly rolling it out to the masses. According to Google Operating System, …

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Google Labs Julia Fractal Map Uses HTML5

Recently Google Labs released its Julia Map fractal renderer – a neat project that uses the power of HTML5, the simple Google Maps interface, and remote processing to zoom endlessly into fractals. Try it! Google: Julia sets are fractals that were studied by the French mathematician Gaston Julia in the early 1920s. Fifty years later, …

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