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Remains of a Whale

Exploring Grimsey, Iceland’s Northernmost Rock Island

During my recent expedition across Iceland, I had the opportunity to venture northwards towards the North Pole to the rock island outpost of Grimsey. Read about my complete Expedition Around Iceland From Wikipedia: Grímsey is a small Icelandic island, 40 kilometres (25 mi) off the north coast of the main island of Iceland and straddling …

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Road Tripping Through Iceland

This past July, 2010, I explored Iceland with my Finnish friend Sari Laukka. We rented a car in Iceland’s capital Reykjavik, and drove a complete lap around the country on Route 1. Route 1 is the only road that circumnavigates the entire country, and passes through an incredible amount of different terrain. Overall, the trip …

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Iceland Day Six – Seydisfjordur to Skaftafell

Today was our big East Iceland to South Iceland transit day, and we spent a significant portion of it on Route Once winding through foggy East fjords. We woke up at the beautiful campground in picturesque Seyðisfjörður, made a quick pit stop at the local supermarket for breakfast, and then hit the road. This South-Eastern …

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Iceland Day Four – Akureyri to Myvatn

Although Iceland lies far north, its only stake of the arctic circle lies in the middle of a small rock island in the North Atlantic called Grímsey. We woke up early this morning at Joseph’s apartment, and make a quick getaway back to the bus depot in the center of Akureyri. We took the local …

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Iceland Day Three – Blönduós To Akureyri

Since the earth’s crust is so thin in Iceland, natural geothermal pools of water, locally called “hot pots”, are in almost every town. This morning Sari and I woke up at Christina’s apartment in Blönduós, and together with our Slovakian hitchhiker friend Martina, hopped back in the car and drove a ways down the road …

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Iceland Day Two – Reykjavik to Blonduos

Iceland is beautiful. Last night Sari finally got in to Reykjavik around 3:00, and met me, where I was already asleep, at Sabrina’s house. This morning we woke up early, and after walking around the Reykjavik harbor and finding breakfast, we hit the road for the Blue Lagoon. Since the earth’s crust is so thin …

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