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Desert Living in Jordan

After a brief 10 days of guiding in Israel, I joined up with two new friends to trek from Israel into Jordan. I felt like traveling to Jordan, as well as other Arab nations, was a very important bit of travel to do after touring Israel. With such a heated political situation between many different …

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Next Week I’ll Be Guiding An Adventure Across Israel

Coming up starting on May 19th, 2014 I’ll be guiding a ten day adventure across Israel with Birthright Israel and Israel Outdoors. During the trip, I’ll be working with two other expert staff members – Allison Bell and Asher Drimmer, traveling with a group of 40 guests. Years ago, I actually participated as a guest …

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Is Google Trying To Take Over the Travel Industry?

Google is quickly developing products for presence in the Travel space, and with their existing scope and technology resources, I can see them making a significant impact if they want, giving emerging startups like BonVoyaging stiff competition. Here’s my rundown of some recent Google Travel projects… Top five travel items that make me think Google …

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